Best Marrakech Rooftops for tea

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Best Marrakech Rooftops for tea

“Where are the best rooftops in Marrakech for tea?”

This was one of my first questions upon arrival to the Red City of Morocco as a huge tea drinker and a lover of awesome
rooftops. You can blame my passion for rooftop scouting on my time spent living and socializing in Los Angeles where hotel
rooftop pool bars are more plentiful than local parks! Ok that’s a slight exaggeration. Nonetheless, I decided to do a
little research of my own on the coolest Marrakech rooftops so I could thoroughly enjoy a few by the time summer rolled
around. I also asked a few local ladies for their favorite Marrakech rooftops. Below is a compilation of experiences and
top rated rooftops in Marrakech for your perusal!

Keep in mind that some of these are overlooking Jemaa El Fnaa, some are in a quieter location within the old city and Lola
Skybar, in particular, is in a neighborhood called Gueliz within the new City. While both the Old and New “cities” are worth
checking out, they are very different experiences. The old city options, for instance, will require varying degrees of
walking through small alleyways and old roads making up various souks of the Medina, which is perfect if you’re looking to
purchase a few Moroccan treasures or catch a glimpse of the old ways of Marrakchi life, whereas the New City is fully
developed with underground car parks, shopping malls and Western brand name shops such as Zara, Etam, Adidas and more.

1. Lola Skybar at 2Ciels

With it’s artistic atmosphere and rooftop pool perfect for cooling down in the Marrakech heat, Lola Skybar at 2Ciels makes
it on the list as the go-to rooftop for daytime tea, fresh squeezed juice, a glass of wine or a few bites (their salads are
pretty tasty).

With Lola Skybar situated on the roof of the 2Ciels hotel, you’ll probably see a few of the hotel guests enjoying their
time by taking in the views of all the surrounding greenery with red roofs peeking out between the trees on one side of the
hotel and the urban skyline flanking the other side.

They have a variety of seating including bar stools, poolside lounges, bistro tables and banquet style seating along two
sides of the rooftop. The scene is perfect for anyone looking for a fun place to catch up with friends, have a casual but
trendy birthday party or a great date! Be sure to check out all the details from the hotel lobby to the gilded elevator
and the well thought out design elements across the venue.

Note: This one is uniquely located in Gueliz, whereas the others on our list are in the Medina.

2. Terrase des Epices

You might encounter a serenade of live music on the Terrase des Epices rooftop if you show up on any given evening. Pair
that with the dim lighting and the unique presentation of the menu (it’s gigantic!) by well trained, service oriented
staff and you’ve got the kind of outdoor space that can keep even the biggest rooftop snobs happy.

Their tea selection is well curated featuring traditional Moroccan Mint Tea, a variety of in-house specialties and more.

If you really want to try some of Marrakech’s more unique tea options, we highly recommend Terrase des Epices. The
kitchen is also known to serve up some delicious tagines to the many tables scattered throughout the one of a kind venue.

Just one flight of stairs below the restaurant is their small shop where you can find batches of their tea blends and other
treasures to take home. Terrasse des Epices is a great stop after spending an afternoon wandering the Marrakech Medina as
it’s centrally located within the Medina walls and offers a truly relaxing atmosphere for a change.

3. Riad Be

Riad Be is one of those super cool, Insta-famous riads within the Marrakech medina walls, but one must walk through the
less touristic part of the medina, which happens to be a great place to see a more genuine and traditional side of
Marrakech living. The medina is traditionally called “The Old City,” as it was founded in 1062 and with history a old as
this, it is most definitely a side of Marrakech any culture-savvy traveller will definitely want to soak in.

Take a stroll through Bab Doukkala and up the main souk on your way in. Turn left down an alleyway with buildings covered
in Marrakech’s famous shade of red to find yourself turning a couple corners before you encounter an freshly constructed,
intricately detailed wooden doorway with a facade the size of two floors. Step inside and prepare for your jaw to drop at
the ridiculous amount of hand selected detail put into the entire Riad, just don’t fall into one of it’s two courtyard
plunge pools on your way up to the rooftop lounge.

Let the team know you’d like to order some tea or lunch on the rooftop and they’ll show you the way up one of the artisan
tiled staircases. Once you get to the top, you get to choose from more traditional style sitting areas, daybeds, sun
loungers and bar stools. Riad Be, owned by a Swiss-Moroccan couple, is truly a work of art from top to bottom and we
cannot recommend it enough for it’s unique design, wonderful hospitality and niche location. It’s a place of whimsy to be
enjoyed over the course of a slow afternoon (or whenever you choose!).

4. Max & Jan

Just a ten minute walk from Riad Be is Max & Jan is a cool concept store with locally designed fashion and gifts hosting a
delicious, healthy and usually sun-drenched restaurant space upstairs. With a generous menu of fresh drinks and a variety
of seating options with shade and without, Max & Jan is definitely one of Marrakech’s trendier eating spots.

The creativity and internationals gathering here makes quite the scene out of this rooftop, but don’t worry, it still
hosts plenty of nooks for a quiet brunch for two and uses plants generously as space dividers, keeping the ambiance
intimate and fresh. It’s great for groups or individuals and offers food for vegetarians and omnivores alike, make it a
dynamic and welcoming environment for anyone visiting Marrakech.

When you’re finished at the restaurant, have a look at their cool threads downstairs and take a peek at the surrounding
shops for some novel surprises, like the almost secret boutique located in the Le Jardin restaurant full of kaftans
designed by a local woman with a worldly personality and have a look at our favorite list of the best designer boutiques in
Marrakech here.

5. Cafe Arabe

Cafe Arabe Marrakech has a sleek and sophisticated approach to terraces, and while they don’t exactly specialize in teas,
they still managed to land on the list! They have a well executed range of Mediterranean options including Italian and
Moroccan dishes made with your tastebuds in mind while the rooftop itself has some great views over the medina. Make sure
to book early as it gets full fast and enjoy!

6. La Terrasse Ben Youssef

La Terrasse Ben Youssef has been heralded as one of the best rooftops from which to watch a sunset and it’s the rooftop
known for its 360 degree view. With generous portions being served and a few tasty teas available, this is the kind of
rooftop where you sit for a big meal after a long day and really soak in the views or a morning drink before running

Reasonably priced and offering live music entertainment, La Terrasse Ben Youssef is a rooftop great place for families or
groups looking for an authentic Moroccan experience in the heart of the Marrakech Medina.

7. El Fenn

If you’re not staying the night at the renowned El Fenn, do not worry! You can still enjoy breakfast, lunch and sometimes
dinner on their famous terrace.

Owned by Vanessa Branson, sister of Richard Branson, this place is an enchanting maze of amazing artwork with a view of
Marrakech’s Koutoubia Mosque from the rooftop as well as expansive views across much of the old city itself. When you
arrive, take your time touring through the property before you settle down on the rooftop. Each crevice and corner is
housing something delightful, including local artworks and crafts and every color imaginable.

Keep in mind that you can book parties or enjoy as an individual but reservations are highly recommended and while photos
are prohibited, if you do manage to take a sneaky snap, it will surely be Instagram worthy in a location as beautifully
decorated as El Fenn. If you don’t manage to get a good photo, at the very least you will leave feeling like royalty after
basking in such a gloriously appointed property.

8. Kui-Zin

With a lovely atmosphere and quite the variety of tasty menu options, Kui-Zin is one of those places everyone living in
Marrakech knows of. In fact, it is so loved that Kui-Zin has officially opened two locations: one in the district of Gueliz
and another in the Medina. Want to take a guess which location has the best rooftop for views over the Medina?

The Medina location has a rooftop with views over the old city where you can catch a sunset and some belly dancing
alongside your dinner. The lighting in the evening is as lively as the entertainment and the bright red furniture is
unique to Kui-Zin. If you want to come during the day to refresh yourself with a drink, you’ll find plenty of options
including mint or black teas, spiced coffee and enough fresh juice options to keep your tastebuds happy.

Kui-Zin is next door to Max & Jan and across the street from Atay Cafe, written up next. This location is not overlooking
Jemaa El Fnaa Square, but in a quieter part of the old city. So, choose based on the experience you’re after! Do you want
to observe the action of catch a tranquil desert sunset? You’ve got options!

9. Atay Cafe

Stepping onto the Atay Cafe rooftop terrace evokes a sense of calm as their decor is neutral, comfortable and quality. It’s
perfect for a quiet hangout escape from the medina and cozy enough to stay for awhile. We love that they’re often playing
smooth and relaxing world music.

They’ll pour your tea in true, traditional Moroccan style or serve you from their vast menu of options including ginger
juices and teas if you’re looking for a good wake up! They make a nice iced coffee and the beet & orange juice is really
refreshing. It’s been called the perfect spot for an authentic and casual meal within the medina.

Atay Cafe is is a safe bet for a quality time, for sure! With multiple terrace options from level two and three, there is
plenty of seating options outdoors (and indoors, of course). They have a special zone with 270 degrees of views including
the tower of Ben Youssef which is a space dedicated to guests who’ve made a reservation. You might manage to take a sneaky
photo from this part of the terrace, though. I caught a photo of the tower with a full moon backdrop during the summer!

Also, they have pretty decent wifi for free!

10. Zeitoun Cafe, Marrakech Medina

The Zeitoun Cafe website says “One is good. Two is better.” This place has a great reputation and whether you check out
the Jemaa El Fnaa location or the one at Bab Agnou, you’ll be sure to have a beautiful meal. While the view from the Bab
Agnou location is lovely and comfortable, it pales in comparison to the Jemaa El Fnaa location if you want a view and sounds
of the busy medina.

Zeitoun Cafe in Jemaa El Fnaa Square has two terrace levels with views directly to the square. Come here in the evening to
enjoy the lights all around the square with friends or family for a quintessential Marrakech medina experience.

So, you see, there are plenty of amazing terraces to enjoy in Marrakech. Some with great tea options if you’re a tea lover
in Marrakech like myself, and some with traditional food and drink menus if you’re looking for a delicious meal for the
eyes and the stomach!

Keep in mind that it is best to make reservations before visiting many of these locations as they are quite popular and
space is limited! Rooftop seating is in high demand in Marrakech, especially if that Marrakech rooftop is with a view. Do
also considered bringing along a few loose dirhams for any live entertainment you might encounter and get ready to have
a classically Moroccan experience.

If you need assistance with booking any of these experiences or others, you are welcome to be in touch with the Weekech
team. We are a group of locals who specialize in anything and everything you could imagine doing here in Marrakech,
including dining out, hiring personal shoppers in Marrakech or tour guides, Jeep Raids in the various deserts, weddings,
bachelor and bachelorette parties in Marrakech and more.

By Ashley Encantada

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